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Pacific Knit Co. - Summer Doodle Card Full Deck

Pacific Knit Co. - Summer Doodle Card Full Deck

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The ultimate way to inspire creative colorwork! Use these flexible mix-and-match chart cards to visually re-arrange and design the perfect colorwork pattern from start to finish.

Choose your construction method, choose your charts, choose your order/colors, and start knitting!

Check out our Doodle Yarn Kits here


(1) How to Doodle instruction card
(2) Cowl Patterns (Standard and Infinity) - Full color, illustrated schematics with bullet list instructions
(51) Unique 24-stitch colorwork charts
(1) Custom printed cardboard tuckbox



The Summer Doodle Deck evokes the PNW summer with trips to the coast and hiking in the mountains. The charts are full of tons of sea creatures, long sandy beaches, mountains, rivers, and evergreen trees. 

Chart examples include:

  • Mountains
  • Rivers & Waves
  • Clouds & Rain
  • Octopus
  • Crabs & Lobsters
  • Seaweed & Coral
  • Several Fishes
  • Mermaids
  • Sandcastles 
To Use

With Doodle Patterns:

  • CHOOSE YOUR THEME: Pick the Doodle Charts that have the motifs you want! Or pick several chart expansions to mix-and-match!
  • CHOOSE YOUR PATTERN: Pick which pattern or construction method you prefer. Every chart works with every pattern! Jamie has many patterns to choose from besides the 2 included in this deck. You can find them on Ravelry here.
  • CHOOSE YOUR YARNS: We have Doodle Yarn Kits here. Or pick a skein or two for your main color, along with a handful of mini skeins for contrast colors!
  • START KNITTING: Pick your first motifs and colors and start knitting! You can change it up with every new motif!

With Non-Doodle Patterns:

  • Design your own pattern shape and plug in your charts
  • Add a motif to the hem of vanilla sweater, mitten, or sock