Free shipping on US orders over $135.00! FREE yarn sample with every purchase! Leave us a note at checkout with your sample choice.

Yarn samples are AWESOME!

There are several perfectly wound little balls of yarn placed in a circle on a slate tile surface. Amidst carefully displayed balls of yarn is a ball wrapped in a clear bag with a tag describing the type of yarn sample is in the bag.

Happiness is hearing that your customers are using the free sample you send them with their purchase for exactly the reason you intended!! To swatch and try something new! It’s so exciting to have customers come back to purchase a yarn they received as a sample!

If you see a yarn you’re not familiar with on our website and would like to try that yarn without investing in a hank, then our yarn samples are the way to go! Each sample is 10 yards which is plenty to get a good swatch. There’s nothing like having a swatch to touch and feel when you are unfamiliar with a yarn!

A circular wooden tray has 4 knitted swatches of different colors along with perfectly wound 10 yard yarn samples to match the swatch.

Every time you place an order, you can pick a yarn to sample for free. If you don’t pick one, we’ll select one for you.

A perfectly-wound little ball of yarn is sitting on a tile slate tile with a card describing what type of yarn it is and another card listing Knitworthy Yarn's slogan "Love What You Make".

If there are multiple yarns you’d like to try, you can select as many as you like! They are all $1.75 each! A total bargain!

An oblong wooden tray has many clear bags holding perfectly-wound balls of yarn samples. On the tile floor in front of the oblong tray, there are 1 pink knitted swatch and an amber knitted swatch along with the yarn sample to match.

It’s time to fall in love with something new!