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Spotlight Designer: Melanie Berg (@mairlynd)


I’ve spent many an hour researching patterns in Ravelry over my years as a knitter and crocheter. Sometimes I’m specifically looking up a particular designer to see what new beauties they’ve created. But other times, I’m looking for a pattern based on a yarn I want to use or a shape I’m looking for, or just looking for the overall feel of the design to speak to me. I’m an equal-opportunity pattern selector! :) The designer might not register in my brain when I’m researching patterns this way. I’m too focused on the design itself. I’ll jot them down when one strikes my fancy and keep researching. Because we all know that we never have too many patterns to choose from!

So, I recently decided to actually cast on one of these patterns I’d found. It’s Picking Daisies by Melanie Berg. I go to buy the pattern, and lo and behold… I realize that over the years, I have included MANY of her patterns in my to do list!!! She had been, in fact, one of my favorite designers for a long time! 

Has that ever happened to you? I think it’s very interesting that I didn’t make the connection sooner. It’s all in the way I research patterns, I guess. How do you research patterns? I’d love to hear how!

If you aren’t familiar with Melanie, please look her up! She is an amazing designer and human! She is currently working hard on kicking breast cancer’s ass! (Can I just say how much I hate breast cancer!!!) 

This week, she just released a gorgeous new sweater pattern… Pink is for Power ( ) in the hopes of raising awareness of breast cancer. She will be donating all income from the sale of this pattern during the month of April to @pinkribbon.deutschland. She’ll also be sharing her story along with other breast cancer related posts throughout April on her Instagram account (@mairlynd). 

Melanie Berg, a knitwear designer, is shown standing in front of a neutral wall with one hand in her pocket and the other hand laying gently on the top of her head. She is wearing blue jeans and a hot pink sweater, her new design. It is called "Pink is for Power" and was designed while she battled breast cancer.

I told you… she’s an amazing human! Please check her out. She’s a gem.