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Doodle Decks have arrived!


We are excited to offer Pacific Knit Co. Doodle Decks in the shop!

Do you Doodle? 

I discovered Jamie Lomax, in April 2021 when I test knit her Cascade Cowl. That was the beginning of my admiration and obsession with Pacific Knit Co. and the concept of modular knitting patterns, affectionately known as Doodle patterns! 



What are Doodle Patterns?

It's a collection of themed colorwork charts that you mix and match to create your very own design. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Basic themes just to name a few. 

Doodle patterns have traditionally been for cowls. Single sided, Infinity and reversible construction. For example, with the Winter theme you can mix several snowflakes, holly with berries, Santa hats and decorative boarders to make a cozy cowl. No two cowls will be the same. You can mix different themes to make a Seasons Cowl or a Reversible Cowl with traditional Autumn on one side and Halloween on the other! The combinations are endless. 

One of my favorite things about Jamie's charts is that she offers them with a light and a dark background color. You can easily read your chart no matter what background color you picked, and you can alternate your background color with each chart! 

Doodle Card Decks vs Doodle Patterns


Doodle card decks include two DK weight cowl patterns, a Standard Single Cowl and an Infinity Cowl. There are about 50 individual colorwork cards ready to mix and match! Choose your preferred Cowl style and then comes the fun part! It's time to Doodle! 

Doodle Patterns available on Ravelry and Pacific Knit Co website offers the same charts but much more pattern support and modifications for different yarn weights. You can print the charts and cut them up to use like the card decks.

It's like potato just can't stop!

I think the reason Jamie started out with cowls is because once you get started with Doodles you just can't stop! But they certainly are not limited to cowls. You can find Jamie's hat and sock patterns on Ravelry, but you can also use your favorite vanilla sock, hat and even sweater pattern to Doodle! Just pick a basic pattern and any of the Doodle themes and you're on your way! 


Grab your Doodle Decks today Doodle Decks – Knitworthy Yarns we have a  limited number of Doodle Basic Kits still available Basic Doodle Cowl - The Fibre Co. Rainbow Kit – Knitworthy Yarns